Companion regen, especially Bear

I’m not sure if there’s a way for you to increase minion regen specifically when they’re out of combat but it took over a minute for my bear to regen from near dead to full health. I imagine that having too much regen in combat would be a balance issue, but out of combat it’s just a question of how long do I wait before I resummon.

It would be nice if they got a massive regen boost after not taking damage for a few seconds; otherwise I’m just going to go through the hassle of removing the skill from my bar and putting it back so I can resummon.

In that minute I probably could have resummoned it at least 10 times (which is what I generally do but I wanted to time it). The tooltip on bear says it’s a high health, high regen minion.

I do have some minion regen on gear, although only 51%. It feels like a largely wasted stat given that I can just resummon them. And given the rate at which it regenerated having that regen stat on all my gear still wouldn’t have been as fast as resummoning it.


I agree. I think the extra companion passive needs a rework. No regen is a little steep.

I don’t even have the extra companion passive reducing the regen. No penalties to regen at all, it’s just too slow.

I imagine that the passive you’re talking about will work better once the primalist healilng spells have trees. If you can heal up your minions efficiently then having an extra one around for the price of one easily obtained passive might well be worth it. I wouldn’t take it right now, however.

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