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Community SoloHC Tournaments Starting Tomorrow - 5 Weeks, 5 Classes, 5 Winners Each Week, 200 Cosmetic Coins Per Winner (Friday 11am EST)

Hello everyone, I am VisionGL. I have been hosting community tournaments in Last Epoch since February 2020.

I normally do not like to self-advertise, but I wanted to do it this time around since Eleventh Hour Games has been kind enough to help with prizes for Participants - and I would like to open up the opportunity to compete for as many people as possible.


  • This event specifically will last for 5 Weeks.

  • This is a Solo Hardcore Event.

  • Each Week we will play a different class (selected at random until all have been played).

  • Each Week will include a list of Three Skills, one of which is required to be used in your build from Level 50 onward. (The Skills will be selected at random from a list of non-popular abilities in order to encourage off-meta play.)

  • Each Week will include a certain number of Skills that are banned from use, to eliminate extra strong abilities as well as shake up the meta.

  • You will then have 96 hours to level and push your character in Arena as far as possible.

  • The Top 5 each week will receive 200 Cosmetic Coins, as well as help me with determining the next week’s potential Skill and bans.


Though this is labeled as a competetive event, I would also like to welcome all players, including those that have only recently started playing. The participants and community are always very helpful, and are good about helping new players with questions and working with you on your builds - even those of us that have been playing the game for a long time still learn quite a bit from each other every weekend.


If you have any questions feel free to ask here on this post, or

On our Disord:

Or you can find me on Twitch every morning:


I will include more information about the Tournament Below, as well as the Rules for Week One. You can also check our Information & Rules Channel on our Discord.



Tournament Overview:


  • The goal of the Weekend Sprint Tournament is to work with a Random Class and Skill(s), and push to your highest Arena Wave possible within 96 Hours. (Friday 11am EST through Tuesday 11am EST)

  • Participants will be given a special TAG to include before their Character Name @ Tournament Start (Friday 11am EST). ( Example: If the TAG is ‘TEST4_’ - Your character name would be ‘TEST4_Character Name’ )

  • The TAG helps us with keeping track of everyone participating.

  • Participants will then Sign-Up on our Discord and begin their playthrough. (Friday 11am EST) - Signups will be open until the Tournament Weekend Ends (Tuesday 11am EST).

  • Players will be asked to include a screenshot of their Highest Push + Open Character Sheet (The character sheet can be opened while on the Death screen.)

  • Results will be Locked In @ 11am Tuesday, and posted formally on our Discord a little bit later.



Week One Rules:


  • Class: Primalist

  • Skill: Summon Wolf, Summon Sabertooth, or Eterra’s Blessing (Have AT LEAST One of These)

  • Bans: Werebear Form, Spriggan Form

  • Tag: To Be Determined Friday @ 11am EST




Are you all ready?

Let’s GOOOO !!!


My body is ready! Boutta do my best to turn up strong for my boy Primalist.

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I might be inclined to participate on the acolyte week, depending on the skills, looking forward to this.

Will the next class’s restrictions be posted/updated here in the forums as well?

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Ooooo, when you do the Acolyte week, can you ban Harvest? It’s clearly OP. 'Cause, like, everyone’s using it. Also, when are you going to do a “no mastery” tournament like I suggested?

But good luck everyone.


Looking forward to Rebuke Sentinels runs :smiley:

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We got really close to that in the SoloSC weekend this patch

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I can post the future week’s rules here, that’s not a bad idea

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I think we will have some free weeks before next patch when HC is over, we could try it then.

I’m not entirely convinced a character without a Mastery would be able to push the waves needed to appear on the Ladder though

Since a Week 2 Rules update was requested,



Week Two Rules:


  • Class: Acolyte

  • Skill: Hungering Souls, Marrow Shards, or Drain Life (Pick AT LEAST One)

  • Bans: Summon Bone Golem, Volatile Zombie, Reaper Form, Dread Shade, Rip Blood

  • Tag: ACW2_