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Coming from POE , so many questions

Hi Everyone,

i started playing few days ago and i am truly in love with the game ( Beast Master is Fun as Hell )
but i have a couple of questions and i hope to find them here.

  • will the game support multiplayer the way POE does, END game grinding bossing and all that or will it be like Grim Down sorta thing.?

  • will there be a support for Vulcan ?

  • I read about trading so that’s good .

  • leagues !! any hints about them yet ?

that’s my main concerns ATM . and again its so good to be part of this game .


Welcome to the community!

  1. There will be multiplayer, there will be trading, difficulty will raise based on size of party. Max party size is 4 and its coming 0.9.0 I believe that’s all we know

  2. I havent heard about vulcan in quite a while, i believe people a while back were actually using it as a wrapper but like i said havent heard in a while.

  3. Cycles (leagues) are coming and will be a 3 month thing (or at least thats the last i heard.


well hi boardman21

first i gotta say ur on fire with ur builds .
and thanks for the quick reply.

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