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Combo Static with auto cast Lighting Blast may coz game crash

Im not 100% sure but skill combo Static auto cast LB may coz game crash. Streamer McFluffin on his stream have this problem. I try to replicate his build got same problem. Moment i put point into auto cast LB in Static tree i start getting game crash. I try with Arcane Ascendance auto cast combo and doesn’t looks like LB is a problem, but iv got fps drops with it. Ascendance in 2-3h zero game crash, Static 2-3 game crashes in 30 min.

Im playing on very low graphic setting.
Intel i-5 6400 2.70GHz cpu
8gb RAM
GTX 1060 6GB gpu

We’re still looking into this issue-- could you post screenshots of all your skill trees? Thanks!

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