Combined stats of skill after applying passives

There are a few stats that I would like to see on a skill. Fireball for example does not show its (base) damage, as opposed to Mana Strike. So I do not know whether adding 7 lightning damage is more worthwhile than increasing the damage by 30% via another passive. Having the effective damage number (in addition to the base damage, for reasons of comparison with other skills) would be very nice.

The same can be said about other stats of the skill, e.g. stun change, critical hit chance and so on. In case of Mana Strike I would like to know how much Mana is actually generated per hit (I took Teleporting Strikes and Mana Drain - they do not seem to cancel each other, so both are probably applied multiplicative).

Yes, tooltip/skill dps is frequently requested. It’s on their list of thing to do in phase 2, though I’m not sure whether it will arrive before they start implementing more of phase 3.

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