Combine "Bow Attack" and "Throwing Attack" into "Ranged"

Throwing kinda feels like an afterthought and is very annoying to play if you are trying to do something elemental with throwing.

No weapon has “throwing damage” implicit so your weapon doesn’t really matter, you will just pick the one with base crit because the rest does nothing.

Elemental throwing skills like explosive flask have absolutely no support, nothing in the tree will give you elemental damage except Elemental Arrows which requires a bow, very helpful.

Rogue has a bunch of passives that only work if you are using a bow so it’s useless.

It’s a complete mess of having very little support, very annoying to work around and make builds for and just feeling like an afterthought in my opinion. Yes you can make very strong throwing builds but it’s still a mess. I think this whole thing could be fixed by combining Bow Attack and Throwing Attack into simply “ranged”.

It would also make things much more consistent too, having “melee, ranged, spell, minion…” instead of “melee, throwing, bow, spell, minion”

While there is less flat throwing damage available, throwing skilld tend to have higher added damage effectiveness to offset this.

The former is neither more nor less consistent than the latter, it’s simpler which is not the same. The game is currently consistent with how it uses throwing and bow tags there’s just less support for throwing on the Rogue which is missing a mastery.

Bow skills are weapon-based ranged attacks, throwing skills are not weapon-based ranged attacks.

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