Colored numbers/Damage type icon

I think it would be a really good addition if the damage numbers would be colored based on the damage type. Something like a red color for fire, or a dark purple for void. This would require numbers for mixed damage type skills to separated per damage type though (ex: red colored 500 and dark purple 500)

Another option would be small damage type icons on the left side of the number. So that even if a single damage number with multiple damage types cannot be separated into each respective number, it would still have the appropriate damage type icon beside it (ex. fire and physical icon beside 1000)

Given that the DPS tooltip isn’t exactly accurate, a better damage display with its specific damage type would help in seeing/feeling how certain gear or build changes the damage output

P.S. Not sure if this has been suggested before so sorry if this is being repeated.
P.S. I am not a programmer so I would not know how difficult it is to implement this in game. just thought I would suggest is anyway

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The main problem with this idea is that it would multiply the number of damage numbers by a factor of 2-4 & if you have a fast hitting build or a melee build with more than 1 damage element it would be impossible to see the numbers. They would turn into a rainbow coloured pixel soup.

I’m not quite sure where people are getting the view that the tooltip isn’t accurate, but perhaps they don’t quite know what it’s designed for - to be able tell if a piece of gear is likely to be an improvement to your dps. They may also be used to PoB which is the only way you’d be able to get an accurate dps (with all the tickable options such as high/low life, is boss, etc).

And yes, it does get bought up from time to time.

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Still hoping this gets implemented in the future.

I think clearer information on the character screen by skill that breaks the skill data down (damage by element, crit chance, ailment chance, etc) would be a better idea for how to give you the info you want to see without making the screen erupt into pixel soup.

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Not a bad idea, just like World of Warcraft. But this is not an obstacle to introducing a similar option to other games.

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