Colorblind difficulties

I am having a really hard time trying to figure out what rarity each item is. My suggestion would be to add the rarity/type in the tooltip like you do with uniques and sets. Just add common, magic under the item type


If an item has 1-2 modifiers it’s magic, if it has 3-4 it’s rare. If it has 1 or more t6/7 affix it’s an exalted item.

There is an option to have long item names which should make it clear if you’ve not enabled that. So instead of seeing a blue/yellow Dawn Blade, you’d see a Spellblade’s Assassin’s Dawn Blade of Suppression and Wounds (4 affixes, which makes it a rare/yellow).

The game also puts the number of preffixes/suffixes as dots before/after the name on the nameplate of the item when it drops.

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The other side of this is that items in your inventory are very hard to distinguish. I can get by with the prefix and suffix dots for items that are dropped but if you think that it is acceptable to have to check every item’s prefix and suffix count to determine its rarity, then the point of having the different background colors is pointless. Board games and other video games implement colorblind modes by introducting visual differences that don’t rely on color such as different symbols or different colors for different types of colorblindness.


Yes, I think it would be a good idea to have an option to help people with the various types of colour blindness get the same information out of the game as those that don’t.

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Discutions about colorblind people and ARPGs are very old.
I remember in Poe, about 5 years ago the same discutions. Also the GGG never says anything about that, even a scratch to think changing something or add a colorblind mode.

please, if anyone on the devs are reading this don’t do that.

I think the problem it’s very very simple to resolve.
Just add an option about colorblind mode activate on / off and add some features on the filter like:

:triangular_ruler: - simple item

:black_large_square: - to magical item

:large_blue_diamond: - to rare

And etc, etc, etc.

In my opinion it’s out of question, all games must have some minimum accessibility. Think about it Devs it’s not so difficult to implement.


I’d recommend voting for this top at the top and try to get more people to do it so the developers can see it.


If you’re going to change loot filter pallets for colour blind people then you need to go through the damage colours as well (orange for fire, teal/aquamarine for necrotic, purple for void, etc). While it’s nice to have clearer item rarity colours not being able to tell which type of damage is coming your way may kill your character.

I’d assume that ideally the devs would add an option that shifts the pallet colours to specific other colours for specific flavours of colour blindness. The only one I can remember is reg/green though I know there are others.

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I also know that unity has a number of plugins to can be out in the rending pipeline to aid with recolouring for colourblind users.

As far as I know the best way to improve some system with accessibility it’s asking to someone with the problem.

By the way, if Last Epoch, going though accessibility option for a color blind, in my opinion the game will growing up a thousand of years. Because the other similar games, “giving a shiet” for this problems.

Either I suffered from a sudden onset of colorblindness myself, or the 8.2 patch really muddled the inventory colors together.

Something like this next to the floating damage text would be great.

It’s not likely to be you. On a 256 color panel test, I scored in the top 10% of men (women generally score better on this test). The newer inventory is much harder to tell at a glance, even for me.

I assume you’re not talking about the bug where items in your Inventory are missing their background colour?

I can still see color. It’s just really muted.

The issue stands out more when you have smaller items close together.

You can still tell them apart, but mostly because the objects are different. The backgrounds don’t help much.

I think the colorblind mode might be to use symbols over the top of the items while they are in inventory, then different markings or borders to denote rarity.

My thought is using either shaped borders or hashes (for affixes) to give some indication.

I would definitely ask them for input on which kinds of systems would benefit them most. My suggestions are just that, and based on an effort to empathize with their difficulties on the issue. I don’t know if/which of my suggestions might help them, but they could tell me if any of them do and which they would prefer.

This is a great idea. Other games and board games implement something similar. I’d be keen for something like this in place of a graphic of they ring. It would only be displayed when colourblind mode is toggled and an option for replacing item display pictures with symbols or something similar.

I am in a different Timezone so I can’t make the live stream but is someone able to ask?

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I usually end up catching up on the live streams via Youtube, so probably can’t help much on that side, but you could use the official Discord. They have a channel for asking the devs questions (just don’t ping them).

Or just @EHG_Mike on the forums…


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