Color scheme

The game is great. One issue is the color scheme of the game. it’s like a painting by Bob Ross. It would be great if you could tone it down, limited palette and use lights better, look at poe2 how they have a spot on the player so the edges are darker, more emersive. just a suggestion of course.

I think they should do more with the palette and the lighting. We travel back and forth thousands of years and have almost no change. Is it just my thinking that says that a untouched primal scenery should be more vibrant with far more dense vegetation and a lot more versetile flora and fauna?
Everything we get in each timeline looks bland and the same what makes some sense in the undead aera and a lot of sense in the void timeline but outside of this it’s just using 5 different kinds of grey when so much more color is left metaphoricly.
I don’t think less makes it better here and that there should be more. On a more personal matter… I’m not against darker edges and viginette effects that are OPTIONAL and i get the sense behind it but for me it’s pure trash and I hate. Yes hate… strong word I know but it is what it is. On top of it it reduces immersion for me. Either get me the whole screen or work with line of sight like corpunk want to do because that’s the only real immersion I could thought of in such games… to see only what the toon would see.