Cold Necromancer minions skills

Hey EHG,

Firstly want to thank you for a pretty cool & fun game I’m enjoying it a lot and it just keeps on getting better!

I play POE, Diablo Franchise and LE as my main games and I mostly only play minion builds. I love that Last Epoch is very Minion orientated and that kind of sets you apart from the other games for me. One thing I have noticed though and was hoping you might listen to my suggestion about it? is that Cold Necro does not have a full selection of cold minions.

While playing the Necromancer I made a fire Necro first and really enjoyed it but I’ve always gravitated towards cold and ice builds more for some reason not sure why I just like them.
I’ve recently made a Cold Necro Summoner and have hit a bit of a wall with my 5th skill.

For the fire Necro you have complete synergy across the skills and can have all 5 skill slots being fire minion skills but this is not the case with cold Necro Summoner. You can see the image below showing the only skills that have cold modifiers. With the Fire Necro Summoner you can have fire Zombies or Flame Wraiths as your 5 skill and it works in nicely, you have done a good job there. Unfortunately with Cold Necro Summoner there is a gap and is no other skill that does cold damage that you can use. I am also using Aarons will so the Summon Skeletons is not actually being used.

What I am hoping you be will open to is the suggestion that we get cold modifier options on a couple more skills such as Zombies or Wraiths? Anyhow thank you for reading my suggestion and I do hope it can be implemented sometime in the future.

Thanks for an awesome game EHG

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