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Cold bladedancer?

Got this idea:

So dancing strikes (arena)+passive(evasion)+wing of argentus should give a lot of def.
Lethal mirage + shift also give some invuln time… and Decoy in case of issue.
Stack cold flat damage with mourning frost/dex and the 2 swords.
HP maybe a bit could be fix by turning the 2 unique into legendary :slight_smile:
And adding a cold convert node to dancing strike for next patch… ok i dream too much !

So viable build or not ?

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I’d say 900% increased cold damage should be able to handle a few mobs… :wink:

Honestly looks like it might work… Only thing that might be a problem is that you only really have the 35% Glancing blow as defence (ignoring resistances obvious) and the Wings 40% when moving and relatively little health and the melee leech (at 900% cold damage it should be enough but I am not sure)…

If you look at EHP Calculator you will see that its not that great on EHP vs different types of damage. So DoTs & bigger non cits in quick succession might be a problem… especially if you cannot move.

Maybe with a little skill it could work… Never liked dancing strike but maybe… :confused:

(EDIT: Obviously depends on what you define as a good build… Empowered monoliths or even higher corruption… or even Arena…)

Legendary Ucenui’s sphere would also be pretty good here for bosses if you can manage without the +2 skills.( 0 attunment and int means equal).

Definitely want more health and endurance too but hopefully legendaries can help with health (also you get one more health suffix instead of crit avoid if you farm grand blessing). I would recommend switching the spirits of fire blessing to endurance too.

Dancing strike = movement skill, so wings 40% is quite always up. + evasion passive -25% too.
not sure how the 2 are added… i guess it is not -65%.
And when dancing strike’s arena, another -20% (a lot less permanent.)

A good build for me, allow to perform at least 200-300 with enough success :slight_smile:

I missed the relic, thx ! but hard to add without loose too many resist/HP.
Same for dodge blessing, if i remove it, i don’t have 100% glancing, and need dodge on stuff.
I put only non empowered blessing, so is could me more easy to get all this in place, before to really farm empowered with it.

Ah sorry I missed you took Apostacy.
Is it really needed tho ? you will get more dodge from Nimble+elegance anyway and if you want 100% uptime you can skip the points in elegance then.

Also you will have around 70% dodge without apostacy may be better off skipping it and put points in dusk shroud on hit.

Yes… I know DS is a movement skill but its hard to be permanently spamming it… its a playstyle that takes some getting used to.

I dont think this will get to 300 corruption… 200 might be possible but I still think that your low health against dot & rapid hits are going to be the issue… I would sacrifice some damage for more health somehow…

But the ultimate answer would be to build it and test…

ok i removed the mourning frost, cost too much and DPS should be already good without.
Removed Apostacy, and speced dancing strike with more def, but without the arena.
The -20% DR from arena should be very low after -40% wing, -25 evasion, and 71% chance of glancing glow…
only 25% dodge, dancing strike will buff it a bit."Custom%20DR"&t=0

I think i will try to build it :slight_smile:

Looks sick go for it nd gl!