CoF Tier 10 rewards

The idea behind the CoF Tier 10 rewards seems pretty cool. However, in my opinion, I do not like getting 2 of the exact same item. Maybe if they are LP4 it wouldn’t be bad but even at corruption 242 I still only really see LP 1 and 2, so I do NOT like seeing 2 of the same item. Any chance of making the “duplicated” reward another random armor, sheild, weapon…whatever the reward was?

Given the lottery nature of Legendary crafting, I would say that COF rank 10 is rather useful.
That being said, it does feel bad to sort through duplicated garbage, which is 99% of the items given the fact that there is no filter on LP.

Yeah, given the implementation of CoF a LP-filter would be quite good and even necessary by now.

Hmmm, never considered something like a LP filter…that’s not a bad idea at all.

They’ve said in the past they do not want to implement LP into the loot filter. Same with FP.

They’ve also said that things can always change. Given the new loot implementations, specifically with CoF, this could potentially be new information that would make them re-evaluate their current stance.

An LP filter would do wonders for people who value their sanity. Checking every unique 1 by one is soul crushing.

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Yes, but the situation has changed from then.

Back when the argument was made having a filter that removed everything but the utter top-tier of drops as well as uniques would allow you to go through several monoliths even on a high corruption level without overfilling.

With the prophecies it has switched over to having more then a full inventory in uniques at times, depending on what you managed to store up for and how long it took you to get to that specific place for the prophecies you got.

So allowing us to at least remove the clutter which we would need to leave behind anyway would be kinda nice as it doesn’t lead to the ‘excel sheet feeling’ which EHG - in my mind senselessly for that topic - fears it could do.

And yes, that especially plays into it. Different situations call for different measures.

A loot filter in D1 wouldn’t have made any sense back then, nowadays with the complexity diablo clones have reached they’re instead mandatory.
The same will happen with filtering out LP, specific uniques and whatever else might be implemented along the line if the game survives long enough.

And rips you also out of the game-flow, making you close the game earlier then you would’ve otherwise done.

Yes, which is exactly why I said,

so you wont like having 2 LP4 items in the event that an LP4 item even drops?

what about every other type of item from prophecies, runes, idols and glyphs, where you actually WANT more and duplicate idols with good rolls.

If I ever see 2 LP4 items, I’ll be elated, however I have not seen that…most drops at still LP0 even at 242 corruption.

Yeah, even at 429 corruption I still get almost entirely 0-1LP. I rarely see any 2LP and have only seen 2-3 3LP, and I’ve played a lot since 1.0 (all in CoF). I know it’s all still RNG, but it does get a little disheartening. I’m not all about having things given to me though and I know others have had much better luck, I’m just used to my luck being extremely bad. :upside_down_face:

you dont even need 1 LP to get past 600 corruption and you are only on 242.
so it seems you just want more, rather than you actually needing it.

in fact, most exalted items of higher levels have higher armour and better stats which is better.

when you get to 600-700 corruption you may even be throwing away most 2 LP items, because you only want 3-4 LP items.

everyone WANTS something right now, but think about how long anyone will actually play the game if there was a button that gave you everything instantly or you kill a boss 1-5 times and you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want even 4 LP.
I can promise you that most or everyone will stop playing after the first month at most, because they would have everything and there would be no reason to play.

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But, the point of my post wasnt that i wany lp4…i want two different items, not an exact copy of 1 item.

ok, i understand… you could have just worded it ‘changed to double rewards instead of duplicated’.

duplicates can be better than just more randoms sometimes, depending on what it is of course.

I like the reward as is. Though thinking about it, my main draws to it are Red Rings and Jhelkor daggers, so those niche cases where I could make use of both at the same time.

However even for items, which you can only equip one of, there is a point of having two shots, so I wouldn’t want to change this.

I have gotten hundreds ontop of hundreds uniques in my testing offline, amount of 4LP is 0 still. Maybe that will increase in future, right now collecting my sample at C400.

Even 3LP is almost none existant. Gonna say it seems like an unreachable unicorn for a 4LP red ring of altaria

Edit: quoted wrong item

that is not surprising when the highest chance still starts with a 0, and the 0s just keep going on others, to the point it just says -10% or something.

red ring is 0.00012% for LP3 and -10% for LP4
so if you are not even getting the common drops that are 0.37% for LP4.
what chances do you think you will have when its both an Extremely rare drop and 0.00012% chance for LP3?

im sure the current system is based on power potential, but drop chance is not factored into LP chance.

in my opinion
all items should be rescaled to 0.37% for LP4…
at the very least no item should be lower than 0.1%

i want to slam items to make builds more fun or try different stats, but due to the rarity or cost for higher LP, i just dont.

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I think it is ok for some 4LP items to functionally not exist.
having much higher chances would just mean more powercreep.
And, just to be clear, it is fine for powercreep to exist in the game. Legendaries are awesome, but they are also powercreep for the players.
But the point is that at a certain point you just have to draw the line, a 4LP red ring not existing sounds like a really reasonable stance to take in my book.

Yes, and also the current system allows a lot of movement upwards still, both with the implementation of new uniques and the possibility of increased LP drops through a variety of future systems.

The powercreep is fine… but said powercreep needs to also align with the content available.

So as you said, absolutely good that a 4 LP red ring is nigh non-existent currently… but in the future we can expect them to be seen more reasonably, and that’s also the way it should go. With each bit of added content beyond the current one (hence stuff like aspirational bosses) we should get a tad more access to more powerful stuff and higher chances for more rare T7 drops.

As long as the double T7 drops aren’t becoming viable to farm up personally in a ‘reasonable’ timeframe (for a high-investment player reasonably in that case) then we also won’t need any extra mechanics in terms of itemization and crafting. The current system is quite stable and functional for a while longer still until things like PoE’s influence items can come into play… or special bases with special affixes available… or whatever else they’re brewing up in their mind.

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