Been playing alot the last couple of weeks and I have a few questions regarding the co-op experience.

  1. Stability works fine, but when you kill a boss you do not get a gaze and if you have one, it does not apply on shade and not on your own map. So if I want to progress, we have to play double the echos, alternating between our maps. Why?
  2. Why do we get different loot, joining on friends? Another way, like above to hinder us from playing and farming together, cause if we want to farm specifics, one person won’t be able to have the same item rewards in echo. It works ok if we want different type of loot, but if we both want daggers for example, one has to hope it randomly shows up.
  3. Is there plans to fix or is there any way I can change my friends damage shown? At least some way of altering their colour?

I am truly enjoying the game and I hope to be able to grind more with friends.

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To avoid doubling/tripling/quadrupling the efficiency of running empoweted monos for the reward nodes.

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Every player has its own timeline this is an upside and a downside for sure.
If you are both at the same progression this feels bad, but this also allows you do play together with people who ahve a completely different state of their timeline.

Or if you and/or your friend play a littel bit alone, it does not really interfere with you two playing together at a later point.

This was made, to deny split-farming strategies (which otherwise would be the best and most efficient way). Essentiall every player in a “party” plays solo and “prepares” his timeline and not do all desired rewards yet.
Then after all player preparing enough you would join together and do all the rewards.

During testing we found out that this split farming strategy was landslides better than anything else and would lead to undesired “coop” behaviour, were playing coop the most efficient way basically meant, that everybody played solo.

Here is a word form one of the pre 0.9 Dev Blogs on this:

It is really important to understand, that as a Guest you will overall get more/better loot, because the corruption and dpth does impact the chance for rare rewards to appear, evne for the Guest)
In longer play session you will most often also even get the most desired rewards more often than the Host.
You literally get twice as much choices.

Pretty sure, this is a highly requested feature, especially for Summoners in Parties, because they tend to cause a lot of individual hits.
Not sure if or when it will come though.