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Clipping Sound

Hi, i have seen the report from clipping sound and noticed the topic to be closed.
My sound is clipping. To be more specific. Menu music plays perfect, when entering the game & never having done any movements = sound/music perfect. When moving my character around is when the clipping starts.
Initially i thought maybe my pc may be a bit too slow, so i turned master graphics down to very low but clipping sound continues. Just movement causes music to start clipping and when entering combat the sound begins to clip as well.

Hey there…

Sound clipping / stuttering while in play in the manner you describe is usually a CPU performance issue (not GPU) but its hard to guess at anything based on the info you have provided. There could be plenty of other possible causes but it would be impossible to help right now.

Please can you post your player.log (games debug file), le_graphicsmanager.ini (games settings) and the output of a dxdiag report (assuming windows - system info).

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