Client - Server Issues (Server Authority)

Dear Last Epoch Game Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to share my feedback and concerns regarding my gaming experience in Last Epoch. I want to emphasize that I genuinely love the game and appreciate the effort your team has put into its development. However, there are some issues that have been affecting my enjoyment of the game, and I hope we can work together to address them.

Client Server Lag: As mentioned in the July 2021 progress update, a 200ms ping is considered the threshold for a good game experience. My ping constantly hovers around 170ms, and this still results in a poor gaming experience.

Lack of Response: I have reported this issue multiple times on Reddit and the official forums, but unfortunately, I have not received any response or acknowledgment from the development team thus I am unsure if the team intends to look into this issue. The lack of response makes me feel unheard and not acknowledged.

Suggested Offline Play: Some community members have suggested that I switch to offline play to mitigate these issues. This is not a solution. Making this switch would mean losing access to 25 stash tabs worth of unique, exalted, sets, and keys that I have accumulated and I am unwilling to start from scratch after 146 hours. I have also tried vpn’s but the experience was the same.

PvE Gameplay Experience: It’s important to note that I primarily play Last Epoch for its PvE content. Unlike competitive multiplayer shooters where very low ping is needed, I dont think I should be having an unplayable experience with my connection. My experience with similar other online games supports this assertion, as I do not encounter similar issues.

Gameplay Issues: The issues I’m encountering are mostly centered around what happens when I initially load into a map. In maps where enemies are close enough to aggro (Ritual Lake being the worst) or maps where enemies periodically bomb from afar, are particularly frustrating. This problem is not prevalent in lower-level gameplay as enemy behaviour is different. Precisely, in lower level play, enemies will bomb close the player or just wont aggro even when fairly close but becomes a significant issue in endgame content. Please understand when this happens, I have no way to see that an attack has commenced or that there is an incoming projectile. It severely hampers my ability to react and engage effectively. Other issues include teleporting / movement skills rubberbanding or being hit with endgame boss mechanics that I have dodged.

South African Servers: I understand that there may not be South African servers in the near future, but I believe that alternative solutions are needed to ensure that a ping of less than 200ms is considered acceptable, ensuring that the game caters to a broader player base.

Discouragement: It’s disheartening to know that I cannot fully engage with endgame mechanics and content due to these persistent issues. This discouragement affects my overall enjoyment of Last Epoch, a game that I genuinely adore.

I want to reiterate that my feedback is rooted in my love for Last Epoch and my desire to see it reach its full potential. I understand that the game is still in beta, and I appreciate the hard work your team puts into its development. I hope that my concerns can be addressed to improve the online gaming experience, making Last Epoch an even more enjoyable.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my feedback. I look forward to your response and any potential improvements to the game’s multiplayer experience.



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