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Click to break barrels [minor]

More small quality of life ideas :wink:

I’m playing a minion build, so I have no active attacks on my skillbar. This means I cannot break barrels & boxes as I adventure. Click-to-destroy would make sense for these types of builds

Completely agreed with this… PLZ do this for the next patch… its a really pain for minions builds to change one skill from your bar to attack barrels and boxes.


Why can’t I heart this? O_o
Agreed, and I’d like to add the doors in the College of Welryn :smiley:

The feedback and suggestion forum section uses the vote function. If you like what someone suggests click the vote button in the top left:)

Oh, I see, thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: It would be entirely sufficient if we could put “Move and Basic Attack” on the Left Mouse button IMHO.

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