Click One, Loot Many: Crafting Items Receiving a Vacuum Effect

Fantastic! Thanks for this one.


Very nice, even some other popular games don’t have such advanced technology.

sorry i dropped money on this bag of shit

Thanks for saving my finger and wrist :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oooooohhhhh sweet QoL, so sweet QoL, NOM NOM NOM tasty !
Thanks for the hard work and for sharing/showing in all these repeated news post, cant wait for the patch ! :slight_smile:

How about an affix loot filter on dropped items?

A loot filter is coming as part of Phase 4 of our Early Access Forecast.


Keep it coming,great job!..QoL = More support

This is great, I can’t wait for the new patch to come out.

Very nice. I hope this does not also effect the critters you add with the same patch. Would be terrible to suck in all the small animals alongside the crafting mats. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

In what phase are we now? Like end of 2 right?

Yup, only Eternity Caches, tooltip dps & an in-game guide to go. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they slip into phase 3 & things get a bit mixed up though since I think they’re adding some of chapter 8 in the next patch (which would be phase 3).


Super nice ! Can’t wait for it.

If i could add something though, a little animation would be nice : some kind of vortex or whatever when you vacuum them.

good ^^

mind-blowing! :smiley:

why not just add auto pickup


Well done!

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