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Cleaning Up 'Allow continuing the Arena at the highest wave you reached on that character at the cost of multiple Arena keys'



Yes you managed to fish good for you. Did that mean you are you 50-60 gr player? Probably not, all you did was fish for a good layout/density/boss perhaps even some pylons.

Now this right here is very mature. Good for you sir, these “16 hours a day losers” will still top you even with a checkpoint system. They have gear that you do not, they have the time to fish that you do not.


Dude, **** gets real when Flappy the Flag comes across a hurricane (either this or this).

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I didnt need to fish in D3, most of my attempts if I failed was usually in the last minute, if you had a bad floor you just moved to the next one and tried to manage your time better but if you actually knew anything about pushing GR’s then you would know it had huge RNG elements but the one element it didnt need was starting -4 levels below

Heh you seem kind of touchy on the subject like someone is going to potentially dethrone you from this game, maybe if there was checkpoints you would have some competition

If an F1 driver crashes on lap 27, is it “fair and reasonable” that they should start their next race on lap 25? Do they moan at having to start on the grid like everyone else?

Would F1 merely become 24 drivers only doing the last lap of every race?

Or at Le Mans 24hr, because a driver managed 14 hours last year and crashed, they only need to do 10 hours this year?

Or a marathon runner saying, “look, guys, I’ll do the 1st 18 miles today and pick up the rest at the weekend”.

Oh i know a lot about greater rift pushing and enter a gr bad monster type? Go to second floor still trash? Leave and go again. Make it to the boss? Oh shit this boss i cannot kill because no adds well time to go again. No conduit? No power pylon well i better go again

Theres not even a boss to deal with in the arena, get a grip of yourself, and yes you had to fight bosses for 4-7 minutes at a time, also if you wanted to actually clear the rift intime you couldnt die.

Conduit was nerfed anyway when I last played, and who cares if you got a Power pylon, that shit made pushing GRs actually interesting, not this mind numbing arena

Or, you know, everyone could chill out a bit & not get quite as offended by other people having different opinions…

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I haven’t had my bacon and coffee yet.

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Then quickly go & grab a bacon & coffee sandwich & chiiiiiiiiiiiilllllll maaaaaaaaaaan…

Edit: Though personally I prefer egg & bacon sandwiches.

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I posted a screenshot to show I have experience in these lame competitions and its better with a checkpoint system as I have been part of each of the spectrums

You guys keep your arena, I realised competing in an online game is just childish and pointless, and this pathetic little argument is proof of this, ive posted one thing and 2 different users have gone on the offensive and lo and behold they both are against the checkpoint system

a checkpoint system IS fair to everyone whether you are casual or a no lifer, because if you are simply GOOD at the game then you can eventually make your way to the top without needing to sit down for 2 hours to even have 1 attempt hence the 16 hour a day comment which seemed to offend this one greatly

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I have been conciliatory and tried to defuse the situation because it was going off course.

That was not a general comment. That was very personal.

Like I said, imo, he was acting like a drunk at a wedding and no-one can reason with that.

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Sir, this was your first message directed towards @Shrukn

I don’t suggest using remarks of such to defuse a situation.

If you would be kind enough to quote my full sentence, you would not even need me to cast light on that issue (:

You can make polite request to not make implications on other people’s personal lives if you think such has been made.

That was my initial response to a stupid post … which, I might add, seems to have been mysteriously deleted. It had not got out of hand by then.

Full sentence = same answer I gave in previous post. FoE was attacked personally by inferring that his achievement as no.1 on the ladder was only because we didn’t have checkpoints.

Re-read the sequence of posts and you will see that I apologized for any offence.

And in the interest of “keep calm, carry on”, we should really draw a line under this.

And I think it’s generally better to go with a general

Rather appealing for calm then later getting stuck in (& yes, I’ve done that before). Though, yes, being conciliatory afterwards is better than not. While we can’t change other people’s behaviour, we can & IMO should try to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Now have an image of a kitten. With Bacon.

Edit #2: And if anyone was curious (which they weren’t), we had a cat that looked like that that was so cute pictures of her were put in a book about cats. Which we got a free copy of.

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Soooooo… is the coast clear? We getting back to the whole ‘topic - discussion’ thing?

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Yeah, I think the kitten/bacon picture did the job.

Oh, you’re declaring a war?

It’s on!

Sorry, the early 90s would like their video compression back. That reminded me of the "FMV"s from Crusader: No Remorse, back when you could legitimately tout “full motion video” as something to set yourself apart from the competition, that & the game requiring a CD rather than several hundred 3.5 inch floppy disks.

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Whah!? > : (

Alright, chill, you’re going overboard here! Have a picture of a cat with bacon:

Now that I have single-handedly saved this thread, I will eject myself from here.
Have good day everyone!

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