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Clean Slate for Beta?

Hey there.
should we expect a character and stash wipe when beta releases in April? Or will everything transfer?


Yes, you should expect a wipe with Beta.

Any info on updated beta supporter packs? I would like to buy beta pack with different pet than turtle :slight_smile:

We will indeed be releasing a different series of packs. :slight_smile:

Access to beta & the finished game will be available at the same price as currently.

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Quietly and humbly asking if you have any release date set yet?

Not just yet, sorry!

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New to the game, Saw it at Pax and had to get it so sorry if this has been repeated but I can’t find it. After the Beta wipe presumably in the next few weeks/month should we expect additional wipes all the way up to official release or no?


There’ll be a wipe both at the start of beta and at the end. We aren’t planning on having regular wipes, but I can’t rule out technical issues sometimes necessitating one.

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