Class-specific Idols usable by other classes

I found a Primalist-only idol on my primalist (vigorous large nomad idol of bonding, gives 6% increased hp & 25% damage over time), went over to my Acolyte & was able to equip & benefit from the idol (hp went up from 752 to 788). Tried it on my Mage as well & it worked on that as well.


I just attempted reproducing this internally in a number of ways, but cannot seem to.

Do you have an image of the idol? And/or an image of the exact idol successfully in your idol inventory on the acolyte?

Also, did you get this drop before or after a hotfix?

We’ll keep investigating.

Not sure when the idol dropped but I’ll have a look out for other ones.

Having said that, the attached idol dropped last night (UK time) & shows up on the character stats screen (not sure if it actually affects the damage though).

yep have the same issue

1st screen shot without the Acolyte idol equipped, 2nd screen shot shows the Acolyte idol stats and 3rd shows it equipped. Its definately giving the health benefits even though I’m not an acolyte.
I picked this up after the hotfix

Same here… my Forge Guard gains stats from Mage Idols. Specifically fire and ward on hit.

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