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Class Passives and Skill info on website

It would be really nice if there was somewhere on this website/forums that had all the up to date information for the different skills and class passives. Currently it’s impossible to plan anything outside of the game which is very frustrating.

I agree with this, it would be nice to be able to play with spec options and stuff while away from home. Even in game you can’t look at other skill trees if you don’t have an open skill tree slot which makes it hard to determine if a skill is potentially good for your spec…

I completely agree, it would give me something extra to play around with right now as I am at work or something similar.

I agree, hopefully in the future we can get software similar to path of building for Poe. I have a hard time so far trying to figure out what additive damage type or attack speed is better than X. Trying to min/max a build is troublesome having a tool to theorycraft would be amazing

Good idea, would be nice! I think is too soon for a tool like pob but in the future sure there will be a similar tool. I hope so.

You will all be pleased to know that classes and passives are completely up to date on the wiki!


I would like more information about the skills. For example, what is the base fireball damage? Or how much percent a skill increases base damage. As I played too much Path of Exile, I miss those elements. I believe they will implement this over time … I hope so.

Yeah, they will be adding better tooltips to the game at some point. The wiki is ready to add that info once it’s available.


Dang. Geo making himself useful here while I am trolling around the forums :disappointed_relieved:

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Except they aren’t completely up to date. For example Enra’s Technique doesn’t exist under Hammer Throw. Also it would be nice to have something that didn’t rely on the community to keep accurate.

That said I can’t complain since it’s a wiki so I can update it myself.

I only said the classes and passives were up to date :slight_smile:

Base skills are all up to date, all of the skill nodes are outdated/missing though. (Should be updated next week :crossed_fingers: )


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