Class / Mastery popularity?


did EHG ever reveal any in-game statistics for which classes or masteries are the most and least popular/played?


There is no official statistics.
You can judge indirectly by amount of builds for different masteries at All Builds - Last Epoch Builds


Although obviously Runemaster will be behind the curve a bit because it’s new.

But poor Shaman. Even Runemaster has more builds. :crazy_face:

If we look at Last Epoch Ladders Shaman is ahead of Lich. :sunglasses:

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Which to extrapolate means the one build from the All Builds section is the build everyone is playing in the ladder. LOLFOF.

I’m kidding, of course, but we all seem to love to dunk on Shaman. (I’ve been trying so so so long to make a thematic Old Man Fjolnir build because I love the idea of Old One Eye running around with his two ravens causing havoc in Heoborea. :smiley:

If you select last patch 0.9.2, runemaster is at 53.8%

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I’ve tried shaman avalanche cold elemental summoner, but couldn’t kill Lagon, minions just didn’t attack him. Maybe I’ll try once again, considering the tentacle patch.
But looking at shaman passives makes me sad every time.

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I feel this in my spirit.

I have a working character. I can do mid 100s but have to be on my toes. Maelstrom/Tornado/Earthquake, lightning/cold and Birbs for support. It’s a fun playstyle but it’s very underwhelming power-wise.

Well that’s hardly objective. LOLFOF!