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Clarification on Crit chance

According to the wiki only “Melee critical strike chance” affects the crit chance of melee skills like Flame Reave for example.
So crit from Amulet implicits and/or Passive tree nodes like “Knowledge of Destruction” in the Mage tree with critical strike chance are thus completely useless for those type of skills.
Could somebody confirm this?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Crit chance from amulet rings and kinda all the other stuff too i guess is also working for meele crit. im running around with almost 80% crit chance as a acolyt. using harvest skill wich does not count as a spell… at least not taged as spell, only as melee.

It would make sense but I just find it confusing that there is a clear differentiation between Melee/Throwing/ Cast - Speed but when it comes to crit, there is only Melee crit and generic crit.

Also here the link
Quote: “…determines the chance of Spell Skills and Throwing Attack Skills landing critical strikes during Combat Calculations”

Thus generic crit without melee tag should only count for Throwing and Spell

Yup, it sounds that way. However when you look at amulet implicits, while melee and throwing attack speed are mentioned separately, critical strike chance one doesn’t mention ‘melee’ separately. So either that implict doesn’t work for melee or generic crit chance actually affects all. My bet is on second one.

so the one that says "melee crit chance| adds actuall % crit chance i.e. if it says 5% it adds 5% crit chance. the “critical strike chance” adds % based on your current crit chance; example if you have 10% crit chance and use amulet with 50% crit strike chance it adds 5% crit chance.

It’s actually pretty good system once you figure out how it works. It requires you to have both melee crit chance and crit strike chance items to get high crit chance.

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