Clans/Guild in future updates

I wanted to clarify in the title that I don’t expect this to be something super urgent by specifying “future updates”.

This kind of games, for me and my friends/acquaintance, have always been mostly a game you play whenever you have some time and very rarely plan an evening around.

However, what is usually happening is that sometimes you drop some good items that you don’t really use and share a screenshot with your friends just in case someone want/need it.

From there I thought about the Clan concept in Diablo 3 but also the Guild concept in World of Warcraft.

So, here is my pitch:

Taking the good from both games, a clan should be something that have some or all of these features:

  • Owner/Officers/Members/Recruits structure with different level of access
  • Clan reserves of gold that could simply automatically generating some passive income from whatever gold the various members collect (I don’t mean that they lose a fraction but that a percentage is generated out of thin air, something small, like 1%)
  • Possibility to donate gold for the players to the Clan (to boost common resources)
  • Shared stash that can be expanded by spending gold (higher price) using Clan reserves
  • Possibility to allow the members of the Clan of the right level to see (read-only) the members stashes content (this would help in asking X if they can share item Y). Better yet if the players can choose which tab or a yes/no in its entirety. Trading follow the same rules as of now, requiring a token of friendship etc etc.
  • Perks for the Clan members that can be farmed as reputation (as for the factions) to:
    • Get access to Clan perks
    • Progress the Clan perks not yet unlocked
  • Clan perks ranging from bonus exp, reduced time needed to drop token of friendship, to anything else that would make sense. Take inspiration from WoW for that would not be a bad idea but here is where things could get very interesting and even become the center of a dedicated season that introduce Clans as a mechanic

What are your thoughts?
If possible, shy away from “I don’t like that point” and propose instead your ideas. This is not an official announcement and I am just saying what comes to mind. You don’t need to convince me or the devs to not do any of this :slight_smile:


Love the idea and would definitely like to see some sort of clan or guild system added. When it comes to actual gameplay I’m almost exclusively a solo player, but I still find it really engaging to have a community to share progress, achievements, items, etc. with as I’m playing.

Personally, I would love to see some more social-focused features. Just to throw out a few of my own ideas:

  • Clan chat.
  • Clan stats. As a collective, how much gold have we looted? How many enemies have we slain? How many echoes completed? Could even be cool to see how many of these stats were done in a group of all clan members.
  • Clan leaderboard similar to the ladder, but filtered to clan members only. Bonus points if this can track more metrics so that we can see who’s killed the most bosses, finished the most echoes, etc.
  • In-game recruitment feature to advertise clans and find clans with like-minded players.
  • Customizable clan hall that can serve as a central town for clan members (has all the NPCs, waypoint, etc.).
  • Clan achievements. Could be tied to the stats (i.e. achievement for finishing 10k, 100k, echoes and so on) or for completing challenging content with a clan group.

When it comes to features that affect gameplay (perks, shared stash, etc.) I think you have to be careful. For one, how would this work without interfering with the item gifting system or the Bazaar? Who would be able to withdraw/use the clan gold reserves?

I’m thinking back to when WoW guilds basically had the “1% passive gold” perk that you mentioned. It ended up encouraging people to create guilds through invite spamming rather than community building so that the guild leader could take that passive gold generation for themselves.

This isn’t to say I’m against features that affect gameplay or provide concrete bonuses - just that these need careful thought when it comes to their implementation. You have to make sure that they don’t undermine the main purpose of clans, which (in my opinion) should be to enable community building.


All great suggestion <3

I see your point in the perks that alter gameplay rather than just the social aspect, but I suppose that that’s where the devs would have to pick and choose and eventually balance them.

I am a big fan of Clans being a sort of “private” hub in which it should be facilitated actions between members. I like the idea of having their own “private” town hubs, maybe even customizable :slight_smile:

About the item trading/gifting/etc. maybe an item gifted via clan channel should be called differently and have different rules, let’s say “bestowing” as in “the clan bestow” and when an item is bestowed it cannot be traded or gifted around any more. This should prevent unintended workaround of item trading, for example.

Things like the passive income could be easily controlled by preventing the gold earned for the guild to be withdrawn (and this would include the one donated that I mention) but only used to expand the service that the clan have access too.

I’m not going to be lying, I mostly thought about this just to have a way to easily share my items with my online friends because it just not ideal to keep sharing screenshots on discord or go around asking “Hey, anyone have one <unique> by chance?” and hope that they get the message and check in the plethora of items in their stash :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I would love all the other features you mentioned and it would be quite interesting to see a season being centred around clans and why they start forming from a lore perspective and maybe even mechanical. I am thinking, bosses that are meant to be fought in group… I know, I know, risky path to suggest but it could be a fun mechanic that last just for a season, to introduce the Clans, and then become options in legacy and simply not there anymore in future seasons if it’s not engaging.

Likewise, I tend to play “solo” most of the time as well, and only play with others when coincidentally we are together online and want to farm a bit and chat along the way, so I totally see “group content” not being really on target for this game. On the other side, Last Epoch already breaks the mould a bit with bosses that are not just “stat checks” but that require you to respect the mechanics, so maybe it wouldn’t be such a terrible tentatively new approach.

Just throwing spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks here :stuck_out_tongue:


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