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Claiming Voidwalker Rewards

Hi, I just got back into playing the LE, been a long time since I tried and it has come a long way. Really enjoying it so far.

I bought the Voidwalker pack when the Kickstarter was running but did not see any of the emails to claim the rewards unfortunately. Is there some way to still do this or am I SOL? I was able to link the game to Steam, so at least I have that.

I tried searching for answers to this but couldn’t find anything directly related.

What reward are you missing? I see the forum badge is correctly appended to your account.

I’m honestly not sure. I see 2 emails from 2018 saying to take a survey to get a reward sent out but doesn’t really say what it was for. Is the forum badge the only thing that has been awarded so far?

That and the Kickstarter pets. For the pets, you can log in game and press k to check if yours are there.

Ok cool. I do see the Armored Chronowyrm pet - tbh I didn’t know you could even select pets there, ty for pointing that out.

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