Circle of Fortune targeted loot

Maybe I’m not using it correctly, but I don’t see the appeal of the CoF’s profecies.
What’s the use of doing a specific activity just to have more trash drop on top of the trash you already dropped during your normal run?

Shouldn’t we be able to refine what we’re looking for? Use all the favor we farm to drop something specific instead of yet another random item?

The costs can be determined by the devs, like 100K favor per affix, or specific unique, or specific base… but some kind of control over the game that steers towards quality instead of quantity is needed.

We already get quantity from the CoF’s milestones, I don’t even care to use profecies anymore just to sift through more quasi-usable items.

You are describing the mechanics of MG.

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Kind of, yes.

CoF is supposed to give aid in finding loot for those who don’t want to engage in trading, yet it just throws more meaningless things on the ground.

Most of the time I don’t even notice I completed a prophecy because the loot simply gets filtered away.

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