Circle of Fortune question

Hey, guys. I am so hyped for 1.0. I know I cannot trade if I go the Circle of Fortune route, but if I create two COF toons in 1.0 will they be able to share the same stash? It would be nice to create one farmer that could pass items.


Also, though you can’t trade, you can gift to other players who were in the party/zone when the item dropped, or if you have a resonance for that player.

One more think just to make sure you understood the system:

You can still “trade”… called “gifting” with other as long as you play together with them.
You cna only not use the bazaar and trade with people you a) have not dropped the item with together or b) have no resonance with

Yeah, that’s why I mentioned gifting & resonances.

I don’t think factions have anything to do with stash.
You could have 5 CoF characters and 6 MG ones, everybody would happily share the same stash (although they wouldn’t be able to use all the items in the stash depending how they have been acquired).