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Cinderstrike build in progress

Hi if your bored of the shadow cascade build for rouges and want somthing new and intresting try this is rly fun. the dmg is decent but lacks aoe (dont have all the gear right now).

main skill is cinderstrike and you want the inferno,incinerate,firewalker and oil coating nodes and the 2 points left is free to spend.
i also use smoke bomb for free ignites and survival main nodes are escpae tactics, engulfed in flames and hasty combustion rest of points are free to spend.
i use acid flask for fire shred thx to the node smoulder and using shift to proc free acid bombs. i also use decoy for aoe and survival but you can use wahtever in that spot.

for gear i recomend dexterity and fire dmg. thx to cidnerstrike scales well whit dexterity.
uniqes you can use until you get god crafted gear is
wings of argentus
herkirs vessel
eye of reen.

it sstill in progress but if fire rouge get more love whit gear and sets i think this culd work and i apreciate others toghts on how to make this work.

Last Epoch Build Planner is your friend.

thx will check it out

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