Cinder Strikes "Flammable Toxins"


Love the game and everything you are doing.

Cinder Strikes skill/node “Flammable Toxins” seems broken.

I am still inflicting poison on mobs when only using this skill.

Flammable Toxins says specifically that it converts ALL SOURCES of Poison Chance to Ignite Chance. Unlike some skills that explicitly say it only applies to the skill tree.

With that being said, I shouldn’t be applying any poison stacks to a mob when attacking with this skill.

Is the wording on the tree incorrect or is the item bugged?

Is it possibly the daggers that are created with cinder strike that are causing the poison stacks, because they are considered separate of the “Cinder Strike” ability?

Either way, something seems wrong and would love some insight! Thank you!!

Skill nodes only ever apply to the skill they’re on unless it explicitly states that they are global (which this one doesn’t), so you’re probably using a different skill which is applying poison.

They are a subskill so should be inheriting the conversion.

If the skill node only applies to the tree it should state so, they normally are worded that way from what I have seen.

The wording for Flammable Toxins refers to ALL sources which is not intuitive if it’s only referring to the tree.

I also want to point out there are no sources of Poison in the Cinder Strike tree so it wouldn’t make any sense for it to only cover tree. So it has to be bugged.

But that’s the default, without wantimg to get into an argument, IMO they should only state a thing when its not the norm, otherwise all but a small handful of nodes would say “this node only applies to the current skill tree”.

I suspect that what you’re thinking of is where some subskills (eg, Rip Blood’s Blood Splatter I think) don’t get the benefit of all nodes in the rest of the tree.

It’s not though, that wording meàns it affects all sources including gear and passives. The skill tree isn’t the only place you can get poison chance (for example).

It doesn’t (only cover poison chance on the tree).

It is possible that it’s not affecting the daggers and that would be a bug, but given I don’t know if you’re using other skills or not and those other skills wouldn’t be affected by the conversion on Cinder Strike’s tree.

Which version are you seeing this issue with? The mp client, the normal steam version or the standalone client?

The normal steam client, not using any other skills.

If it is supposed to cover poison sources outside the tree, to my original point, it makes no sense why it’s applying poison stacks.

Yeah, it’s the daggers, they’re not getting their poison chance converted.

I’ve also experienced some issues with Flammable Toxins not converting properly. Ignite Chance is currently at 53% and Poison is at 152% with Flammable Toxins skilled.

I have two daggers and 10 points in Blood Serpent’s Blades which adds 100% Poison Chance. When I take two skills points off of Blood Serpent’s Blades, poison drops to 142%. Additionally, “Ignition” in the Cinder Strike tree is adding 80% chance to Ignite but I don’t see that translating to Ignite Chance in the character sheet, considering I still have 53%. This can’t be working as intended. Ignite should be at 282% if we take all tooltips literally.

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