Cinder strike/Detonating arrow - Fire/DoT Marksman (shoot and run) 40k+ DoT tick with 80lvl and mediocre gear

Hi, cant find exactly my build with cinder strike fire DoT, so here i am to share.

Farming 90+ monolits now and going for 100, lvl 83 with mediocre gear and this build already have good dmg.


  • High speed
  • Dont need Hail of Arrows to be good dps
  • High dps


  • its still DoT build, need time for ramp up

This is my current build - Marksman, Level 83 (LE Beta 0.8.2g) - Last Epoch Build Planner (there is a bug my helm actually is calamity - 80% fire dmg and 150% ignite chance)

There is 1 mandatory legendary

its allow us to get all bleed chance from skill tree
for example

work with this gloves and give us 5 ignite stacks

We are using Cinder strike here for single target, and detonating arrow for aoe dmg only. Decoy is good aoe and single dmg boost too, 3 decoys gives 5 stack of ignite each

So why is Sinder strike so good here? It have poison and bleed to ignite converted, it scale DoT dmg from DEX (Fire Walker), Burning dagger talent work very good on bosses gives us 1 extra ignite on each shot (its like + 100% ignite chance)

To rise our damage in this build we can get:

  • ignite chance
  • bleed chance
  • poison chance (its rise only our single target, burning arrow dont scale with poison)
  • fire dmg
  • ele dmg
  • ele dot dmg
  • dot dmg
  • dex
  • atk speed
  • fire pen

Looks interesting… I am also trying to get a Cinderstrike Marksman working for end-game but its not proving to be as good as the other builds yet…

Quick note, if your build planner is correct then you seem to be lacking in general defences & health which will become much more of a problem in empowered end-game…

  • You do not seem to be capped for CSA… this is basically a must for end-game - you will be one shot all the time without it - even normal mobs…

  • You have fairly low health especially as I dont see any decent health regen or leech anywhere other than the two passive nodes which are likely not to be enough…

  • You dont seem to have much dodge, glancing blow or armour… so you must be kiting every moment?

  • Personally I wouldnt use the sunwreath or soulfire - you could probably get better stats with rares or if you are lucky exalted versions and you could then stack other things like leech/health etc…

  • Yeah CSA not capped cuz i’m not farming lvl 100 monos for now
  • 1300 hp now, i need around 1800-2000 i think. About leech, i dont think there is a way to get ignite leech, i need hp regen or something…
  • dodge and glancing will come when i change my mediocre legos for good exalts and where i get lvl 100 (lvl 83 now and have 17 points for glancing, crit res and etc) and no i dont kiting now, almost faceroll everything.

The main reason of this guide to show that we can scale ignite alot, and we dont need hail of arrows for this (i personally hate this skill, its too slow), deffences will come regular way.

Can grab ele leech from amulet or relic, Bleeding Heart or Tome of Elements. After looking at itemization pretty sure Tome of Elements is the better option.
Something like this: Marksman, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2g) - Last Epoch Build Planner

The problem of using a unique relic is that’s where the +Cinder Strike prefix lives. If you’re willing to sink some points into the crit vulnerability node there are some health on crit passives you can get along with Prism Wraps chest (3-8% ele leech on crit) & the leech on hit suffix (gloves/relic), idol prefix (2x1 & 4x1) & overkill leech (Woven Flesh chest, probably less useful for a DoT build).

And health on glancing blow (passive/prefix for helm/chest)/dodge (idol).

Normally I’d agree but I don’t really know if Cinderstrike is one of those skills in this instance that really benefits from additional levels? Cursory look-over seems like you’re only gaining 10-30% Cinderstrike-specific ignite chance if you use a non-unique relic, whereas the other ignite-leech suggestions you outline all seem pretty… gross.
Especially when you consider the affixes needed to make them work/other avenues of sustain (chest/helm affixes.) Then there’s also DA levels on chest, which is arguably the skill that needs the +levels more.

IMO, yes it can, with an additional 2 points you could get a +20 dodge for 4s stacking buff each time you hit something with cinder strike. Or 20% more burning dagger damage that would be inherited by ignites from daggers.

CSA - dont need to be farming empowered to be crit killed so imho its probably the most important defence in the game - especially if your health is low and you have nothing that is guaranteed to mitigate the double damage.

Not sure health regen is that good on a rogue - never tried it… High speed attack should make health on hit / % damage leech a pretty decent way to get health back tho… Unfortuantely getting leech on the ignite dot is pretty hard with limited options.

rest of defence… ok… just remember it takes exponentially longer to get those last 17 passives… Personally tend to use the last passives after 80/85 for offence rather than defence but thats just my preference.

Off topic, but interestingly your post inspired me to dust off my my bladedancer (i find the current bleed/poison rogues boring) into a dual sword “Lethal CinderCrit” … level 80 now and surprisingly fun to have 100% crit on all attacks - Cinderstrike (default attack) with Lethal Mirage as the invulnerability/cull skill. Clears mob packs with a single cinderstrike and i have so much % health leech on hit that as long as you are attacking you heal instantly. Defence is even great with 70% gb and around 80% dodge. :wink:

Last epoch, Cinder strike fire DoT, lvl100 mono - YouTube here is a video example of lvl 100 mono

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having a great time with this build.
however… i find that hail of arrows is pretty darn good for damage.
going to respect to detonating arrow at some point and try it out.

also a bit confused why you don’t take the Inferno node in cinder strike. Typically flat fire damage is a serious DPS boost.

edit: i really find hail of arrows to be smoother play than detonating arrow

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