Chthonic fissure game crash

I encoutered several times the same issue : after entering a new area, I cast the chthonic fissur, and when hitting the enemies, my game FPS drop to 0, and finally the game totaly crashes.
I tried pretty much everything : changing my settings (frame rate, resolution, etc), uninstalled and reinstalled, repaired the game files, but nothing changes.
The log file is linked below, with a video demonstrating the issue.

Thanks for your help ! (288.6 KB)

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I was about to post the same thing. It’s not just fps though, it’s the update rate of the game. The game engine will slow down until it freezes, then I have to close it in task manager where it’s ‘not responding’.

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I have the same issue, i can get about one zone to not utterly tank the game, then the next zone Chthonic Fissure just stops the game completely and makes it impossible to keep playing. Which kind of sucks because i’ve been loving Chthonic Fissure, but it’s literally unplayable in this state.

It seems to be related to The Burn node on CB - I despec that and the issue goes away.

Unfortunately, it didn’t fix anything for me, I keep crashing after one or two area, even without any burn node on CB or CF

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