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Choice in question on confirmation dialogs

On some confirmation dialogs, it isn’t specific on what you are confirming. This can cause some unease as you may not be sure you made the right selection A few immediate examples:

Choosing a mastery
Unallocating a skill point
Unallocating a passive point

It would be nice if instead of “Are you sure you want to select this mastery?” It said “Are you sure you want to select Lich?”, for example. Same for unallocating points: “Are you sure you want to unallocate Mage Flurry?”

Confirming each point, one by one? Please no!

But that’s what we already do for respecs.

No, we currently do and pay. Imagine if we do, pay, confirm.

For applying skill & passive points, yes. But every time I’ve respec’d a passive or skill point I’ve had to click “ok” to respec it. I can provide screenshots if you wish.

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