Chests only dropping 1-3 gold after using TP

Was going along opened a chest and had a full inventory so TPed to sell some stuff. Came back and the chest was closed so I opened it again and got 2 gold no big deal. Now I have been playing for a good 2hrs, and every chest I have opened since then has only dropped 1-3 gold each. Restarting the game/PC DID fix the issues as of now.

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Its possible that this may be some sort of bug…

Two things:

  1. Can you replicate the issue… i.e. follow your steps and see if it happens again?

  2. If you are using Steam, please can you verify your game files to make sure your install is ok… and after doing this, please (if you are willing) can you see if you can make it happen again?

Important note: When this happens, please can you post your player.log and player-prev.log - the games debug files - immediately after you exited the game but before starting the game again (they cycle)…

Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub

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