Chest tab for Runes and affix shards (500,1000or 5000 pices of each type)

Please create a special chest tab for 500(1000 or 2000 or 5000 as PoE) pieces of each type runes, affix shards.

Why would we need this ? We already have a dedicated panel for all crafting materials.


Not needed as you can just send them to the account wide crafting panel which holds as many as you can find.

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what about Runes and Glyph ? they can take up a lot of space in the chest

Same for them, everything can be stored in a dedicated window. If you open your inventory, there is a vertical bar on the left that you can click on and will open a special windows for all those crafting augments that don’t belong to the crafting shards panel.

Use the “stash materials” button below the inventory screen/rows (beside gold amount and sort items). This will “remove” all materials but stashes them in either A forge screen (F) or B in the “crafting materials panel” which you can extend by clicking it. (it’s written vertically left side of the inventory screen).

Basically all materials that add mod’s are stashed in your forge screen (F), the other 6 that either destroys or modifies the crafting are stashed in that inventory panel .

This thread is hilarious to me:) But does show the need for a more detailed crafting materials tutorial for new players.


As much as I want this thread to be hilarious I don’t think it is. I missed the update for crafting mats and strted to play untill I asked myself where all the stuff went I picked up. I looked for news and found it and called myself stupid.

A new player will be even more confused. Why isn’t there a garanteed Shattering dropping in the tutorial and an explenation how to stash it with a small “How to shatter items” tutorial and an explanation where affix shards are shown?

There is just a big information gap right at the beginning of the game.

It still is. It’s really not that hard to figure out:P I never had a tutorial for anything in the game. Still managed to figure it out pretty nicely.

Although yes it should have one in the future.

Well I applaud your agile mind then. Still this is something frustrating for people who are new to the game and have to figure out anything instead of beeing the selfproclaimed person with the most ingame time. Sorry if this sounds offensive, that’s not my intend but I think it’s realy ironic if somene talks about game mechanics who knows them in and out ^^.

Sure as soon as I took a closer look on my invetory things got crystal clear but normaly you don’t care for crafting and crafting options untill later on. IIRC there was a crafting tutorial in End of Times and untill then it wasn’t even mentioned so I totaly get that this might be very irritating for some people.

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One of the side-quests does direct you to the forge, but doesn’t say what everything does, easy to miss as returning player, but harder to miss for new player who wants to do all in your face quests. (As opposed to hidden)

To me once I knew about the forge through side quest, and basically saw where all my ingredients went it all became clear to me, even those 6 specials, tbh the amount of hand-holding feels fine, although there should be place where those 6 specials/modifiers should go iso where to do go now, personally it feels out of place. (or keep as it is, but make the boxes clickable and ask which of the 6 you want? (this makes it possible to add shattering rune in 2nd box))

You get this quest the first time when you leave end of time for the quest the first time at the refugees camp or whatever it’s called. That’s arround lvl 25-30. That’s a pretty long time untill you get introduced to it.

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