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Chest Items Disappearing - Roll Back

Hello guys!

I’m having some small Roll Back whenever I close and Open the game, mostly due to my arena going into a bug where It askes me to spawn new waves outside of the L*5 levels.

When I restart the game to fix it, some tabs on my chest get cleared, some xp is rolled back and items go to /dev/null

I was trying to hoard a lot of items for the crafting system and lost a complete Chest Tab of stuff :C

Btw, great game!

Hi there,

I’m very sorry about this.

I cannot explain any XP discrepancies. Were the disappearing items purchased from a vendor?

Hi Sanro,

Rlx, np!

About the items, they were all common loot from the arena. I believe some king of bug happened to the game at a certain time, and everything I did after that point was not saved somehow.

Another bug I found once that was weird, all the itens I had stored in chest tab 1 moved to tab 6 by themselves, haha

I’m sorry I can’t provide any more details for you to investigate, all I could notice was the Arena asking me to click to call the next wave while not on 5* levels, and even if I clicked no monsters would come.

That’s no problem - thank you very much for bringing these problems to our attention.