Cheaper passive respec

This economic freedom from lower stash tab prices should be passed on to passive respecing aswell.

Players shouldnt be punished for experimenting and testing stuff out as much as they want.
The theorycrafting, and experimental part of LE is very important, argubly the best aspect of Last Epoch and why its so damn enjoyable.

So i suggest significantly cheaper respecing, lets not limit the freedom and enjoyment on some of the games best aspects.

You mean even more? Even before MG/CoF, just by playing about 100h I had more than enough gold to fully respec the passive tree more than 100 times. And that’s not even taking into account that you rarely respec them all, since many tend to be common to various builds.
Respec gold cost if fine, it’s already very cheap.

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Can we not slippery slope immediately? this is why people push back on QoL.

Because we get posts like this immediately. You can basically respec for ever instantly. Even in the campaign on your very first character you get enough gold to respec passives almost freely.


This is honestly a nonissue. There is very little respec in passives that needs to be done even when theorycrafting builds (which is literally all I do, I have never once used a build guide in 3+ years of playing). As stated above, many of the passive skills are fairly generic and only certain nodes would need to be respec’d when building differently (for example swapping from lightning damage to fire would be a large change).

If you need truly “free” respec, simply use one of the many build-maker 3rd party tools to help you. They give you a great idea of what your stats will be like with the changes, which will help you reduce the number of tries you use to get what youre looking for (or to hit certain damage numbers, defensive numbers, etc).
That said, there is really no reason to be changing all that many passive points in the first place if you bother thinking about them at all. At most an average tweak will be a handful of points.
If you are instead using this system to COMEPLETELY rework your build from the ground up, the cost exists exactly to discourage this kind of behavior. You shouldnt be reworking your build that significantly with any kind of consistency. If you want a wildly different build, its easier to simply make a new character and run the dungeons to skip the story

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It’s dirt cheap, you can repeatedly do it even during campaign, you earn a full respec per singular gold shrine actually.

How much more is ‘enough’ in your mind?

Actually they should. We can talk about the need for gold-cost itself, since that seems arbitrary and unneeded since it’s already low… at least at first sight.
If you take a deeper glance it provides ‘some’ value aligned to your passives, which are so low they’re not a hindrance but also not completely free.

I would say a very very good compromise.

Especially given that in an hour of play-time I can farm up for 50+ full respecs with MG (and knowing what sells) and 15+ easily with CoF (without going for gold monoliths).

It is what it is : a compromise.
I personally find that gold costs for respecs tend to quickly become negligible (almost equivalent to free), and I would much prefer another system, like for example 5-10% of a level per respec point: low enough that you can correct mistakes, but high enough that you don’t do it nilly-willy.
But I understand I am in the minority for that. If they offer the option to have this system as replacement for the players that want it, I’d be very happy, but I don’t believe it would be fair to impose it on non-willing players, so since I don’t expect an “à la carte” system to be made, I’ll settle for the status quo.

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I cannot say how much I agree with this. Why can I only give one like?

Moving goals posts is a serious issue with these types of requests.
If we continue in this pace (patch is not even 8 hours old) and people already requesting making stuff “less punishing”, that I have never ever seen been requested before. (I think I never seen someone saying passive respec is to expensive), I really don’t want to know where we are heading next.


Why is limited/punished opptions indocernated in us to the point where its unfathomable to have full freedom in our character customization??
Just one out of 15 point in Dread cost 6100 gold, ofc it costs less after every point… but i honestly would change and test fully game altering builds multiple times a day from Rive to Smite to Warpath on teh same character. Skill respec is experience based, minimum drawbacks before your back in action comparing your new shit. Its fantastic.
What do the players gain from punishment for the sake of punishment?
Would Last Epoch be a better experience if we had to pay 3k gold per skill respec aswell? ofc not, serves no good to limit the player for the sake of limiting the player.

As D3 clearly showed, it’s about what type of player you are. Some players are more casual and don’t want to struggle to get what they want. For others, the attrition is part of the fun. If it’s easy it’s boring.
Personally, D3 was a snoozefest for me. I got all the gear in a day and all the other sets in another day and from then on there was nothing to chase.

There’s a balance between attrition and immediacy that games have to juggle with. Where they land on that spectrum will appeal to some players and not others. Not every game needs to be immediate and not every game needs to appeal to same type of players.

Read the other posts with the explanation from my side in this thread and you know.
I think I put the reasoning out there in a fairly extensive manner for both character identity as well as player retention.

Yes, and that lowers the time you’ll overall invest since you have the answer before putting a lot of time into it.
Hence obviously a dev which wants to keep you playing and is reliant on you for the survival of their studio will make it so you input more time.

Wrong premise.

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