Chat bugged?

Hi everytime i try to type anything into the chat i get the same message that stops my message from being sent, is this a bug or am i just chat banned lol
It says your message has been detected as containing content which doesnt adhere to our coc and hasnt been sent to chat.

That’s a chat filter keying on something in your message, not a bug. The filter may need to be adjusted a bit as I have had many of mine blocked too which I know for a fact had nothing offensive or otherwise in it, but it keyed on something.

On the one hand I think that it would be nice to have the chat tell you what it flagged, so people would know and possibly alert the devs about it, if it’s flagging something incorrectly.
On the other hand, if that happened people would just use that knowledge to bypass it. So I’m kinda torn.

I just hope someone is reviewing those flagged chat messages and can fine tune the filter.
It’s sometimes hard, especially with multiple languages (for example, the word for “zone” in czech is the same word for “cu**” in portuguese.

On the other other hand (I’m a 3 handed freak, yes :laughing:), I believe the filter should be something on the receiving end. That is, chat doesn’t prevent any message from being sent, if someone has the filter on, they see the message as being filtered instead (possibly with the option to view it anyway). This is because I’ve also had messages flagged by the filter for no reason.

i’d rather have no filter than one that is too trigger happy. hate that stuff.