Chat blocked

I can’t type anything in chat, in party, or in global (tested) after partying with a friend and saying nothing remotely bad (have screenshots) because of racism and violent chat? I said nothing of the sort.

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Just tagging onto this topic to prevent spam - my self and the people on my friends list are in the same boat.

Yep same issue here and opened a threat too.

Maybe I wrote to fast in global by giving tips or its a english language filter that reacts on some german words. I know this happens a lot in other (english) mmos when geran worrds get sensored.

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Apparently they are investigating it, fingers crossed. I’m in the same boat.

Ja es gibt einige Wörter im Deutschen die gebannt werden wie z.b. Lootkönig.
Ich wollte mit einem Freund testen was alles gefiltert ist und wir haben uns gegenseitig Wörter zugeflüstert… Und nun bin ich auch gebannt zu schreiben.

Würde ja gerne Fragen im Chat beantworten, da ich von Natur aus ein Helfende Person bin… aber nunja.

You get it resolved yet?

Yeah I can write in global again since today <3

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Interesting - still banned on my end.

Took around 3 days for mine to be fixed.

and same for me… since a few hour’s, i’am unable to wrote in global or whisper.

“Violent, racist, or extreme…” … if it was only a few words which are a on blacklist, np, but so?

i can wrote in /help but nowhere else … :expressionless:

Same here i’ve been “banned” for 6 days now, I opened a ticket saturday and there’s no response yet.