Chat Banned

I was erroneously chat banned now for 5 days? for a private chat whisper that I can only assume is related to the recently fixed chat bug. Still seeking to get this resolved.

(also still missing backpack)

No idea how customer service tickets are supposed to work in this game so in the event we have to each individual submit our own, here’s yet another one of these posts.

Now, after patch, like everytime, first thing I do is try saying “test” in global or whisper to see if its working.

Now it’s saying “Your message has been detected as containing language which…”

i was able to wrote again yesterday, but got nearly the same as before … can’t write in global or whisper and can only write in help, but propably nobody can see it (only someone from the team?) … but this time, my message just don’t appear… no message like “your message …”

Yo can we get some level of acknowledgement on the customer service forums. I’m going on 10 days here. I get it’s a beta but I have no idea if I’m just talking into the wind or not at this point.

yeah, some infos would be nice. currently i can’t find anything about it (propably i’am to bad to search, possible!) …

Currently, after i go to sleep and rejoin the game hours later, i can write. just as @bullelky said, not sure if you got “blocked” if you wrote to fast, or special words you should’nt use (not sure which one, because the last 3 times, i got blocked after i try to help player in whisper or was talking about a build with them)… and if i stay online, i can’t wrote again till the end…

for me, a player who often try to help other players, it’s a hard thing (specialy, if you didn’t know “why you can’t write”)

greetings, Avilan

I’m having this issue too. I can chat if I use /global [message]

Having no way of knowing that we get banned in chat, and also no reasoning is really frustrating. As far as I know I didn’t say anything that warranted a chat ban, but would love to get a reply regarding it

Still chat banned …

Don’t bother putting in a support ticket about this issue. I’ve put in three, and they’ve all been promptly ignored. Would’ve been nice to know that the chat system is a broken pile of garbage before I dumped $35 on a game that I won’t play again because chat is an integral part of it.

Still chat banned.

probably thought you were saying male organ you know test ease I usually just say hi to prevent messages like yours

Still doesn’t make any sense to completely ban someone for speaking in party chat. At the end of the day, I am playing a game that has me spending 95% of it murdering the crap out of everything I see. A game which as a profanity filter built in to it. I can see it being kind of strict in global chat but not in party chat.

I got chat banned for 2 weeks now for no reasons, I opened 2 tickets with no answers yet.
Am I the only one? Is it normal for support to take so much time to answer tickets?

They don’t care. They already got your money. Between the two of us, we’ve submitted 5 support tickets and not gotten a single response. Wish I personally would’ve been smart and stopped playing as soon as I had issues, that way I would’ve been able to refund it through Steam. $35 down the ******* I suppose :man_shrugging:

EDIT: Removed possible swear words. Wouldn’t wanna get banned here too