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Chat / Ardent Pack / Supporter Cosmetics

Good Morning,

User name: Uruk-Guy

ID: 6467e20b73984d82b22e72e64aff39a9

My ingame chat still isn’t working since the patch and I still don’t have access to my supporters packs and cosmetics. I was advised to re-accept the terms of agreement, relog if necessary and re-link my epoch account to Steam.

I have re-accepted the terms of agreement on the website, I can’t seem to logout of my game on steam (only close/re-open which I have done) and when I click “redeem In Steam” on my epoch account it just says “Failed to redeem this game in Steam”.

As a side issue my country on my account says United States, when I’m actually based in Wales / UK. Please can this be amended.

Many Thanks,