Charge Beacon Echos feel bad on fast builds

Quick and simple. I think that Charging Beacon echoes need a little adjustment.

At the moment, enemies that spawn near beacon stop providing rewards such as xp and items after what I believe is either a set amount of time or set number of waves cleared.

I understand that this is a precaution so that they can’t be endlessly farmed, however, it also penalizes fast builds. If you have a build that clears those waves fast you can end up charging 50-100% clearing enemies that provide no xp and no rewards. This penalizes fast clearing builds, if you stay in the circle you either kill enemies or die so you don’t really have a choice but to continue to fast clear those “empty” waves if enemies.

Here is my suggested solution: Allow enemies to provide rewards for players until the minimum time for charging the beacon is reached. Example, if beacon takes 60s to charge, allow waves to give rewards for 60s after activation. If someone leaves the circle for say 20s, he will have to grind 20 extra seconds of no rewards enemies.

This would both reward faster clearing of waves while ensuring that Beacons are not abused endlessly.

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