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Characters not shared between different PCs?

Hey there,

I make a couple characters last night at home, and when I tried to play at work during lunch neither of my characters were present after launching the game.

I launch through steam, using the same account, and made sure that i was logged into my game account as well. Are characters saved locally, and there’s no steam cloud saving yet or what?

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Had the same issue yesterday, found the information out.
At this point in time the beta only included offline characters.
They are stored in the registry (on windows) for now :frowning:
So not easy to share between PC’s but you can if you need to
They are stored here HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eleventh Hour Games
you can create a .bat file to export the registry entry and then can import on your other PC, but warning, it could also corrupt your data :slight_smile: Definitely recommend doing a backup of the registry first.

reg export “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eleventh Hour Games” last_epoch_offline_data.reg


Ouch, ok. Don’t really wanna fuck with the registry on my work PC. Thanks for the info. I’ll stick to only playing at home for now.

same issue here…hope that could be solved /cry

well, I’ve used the above command (in a .bat file and synced between computers using oneDrive) and it works, but yea would love if they would make it a file so that it’s less prone to corruption.

Wow, this is pretty surprising information to find out, especially since the game is on Steam, too. I just wasted a bunch of time trying to find this information because I couldn’t possibly imagine a game like this wouldn’t have always-on connectivity and server-stored characters. Don’t get me wrong, offline characters is a good thing, but I also travel between multiple PCs and want my characters shared hassle-free.

Have the developers mentioned anything anywhere about implementing this feature during the beta? Because as it is, if not, basically I’ll be resigned to playing a separate character at each location…

Online capable chars will be stored online and singleplayer only offline accessible chars will be stored locally, once they implement multiplayer if not sooner.

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