Characters missing after a few months not playing

Not sure if this is the best place for a question like this.

As the title says, all my characters are missing after a few months of not playing / logging in. Was there a character wipe?

If not, is it possible to restore my characters?


Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

There have been no character wipes and the standalone single player local characters will never be wiped (as per the Devs).

The savegames are all local to your machine. If anything happened to them then your characters will have disappeared… Same if you reinstalled your system or changed logins etc… If you try to play on another machine with the same LE login, you will not have the characters from the first machine. Same applies if you use a different Windows login on the same computer because all the files are in the User folders.

All local files are in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

The only caveat to this is if you are using Steam with Cloud Saves enabled - Steam will attempt to sync files to the cloud to be used wherevery you play LE. Unfortuantely if anything goes wrong with this process (game crashed, steam didnt sync on shutdown etc) it can inadvertently remove saves/chars or get out of sync and revert saves to older versions it last sync’d meaning you will lose progress. If you did use Steam previously, you can login to Steam via a webbrowser and see what files it has synced in the Remote Storage feature of steam.

Thanks for the welcome and the answer.

Reading your reply I had a distinct “of course that’s the reason… dummy” moment! Local savegame files are common, and a couple decades of PC gaming should have led me to this conclusion, but this for some reason did not cross my mind - and I have recently started using a new system without transferring.

I’m certain this is the cause. Many thanks for taking the time to answer!

No problem… we all have those moments… I do and would advise making manual backups of your LE saves/filters - swapping systems aside, LE is in beta so its always a good idea to backup your progress - just in case something goes wrong…

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