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Characters after 0.9 release

I’ve been searching but can’t find an answer that I understand. Once 0.9 drops with MP, will my single player characters still be playable as normal or will I need to make new ones?
I’m in, what I believe, the quiet majority of people that don’t play MP in aRPGs but I’ll hold off on making new builds until the next release if there is a compelling reason to do so.

Thanks all!

Your current characters will still exist in offline mode and you can continue to play them.
Once multiplayer and 0.9 arrives, every player has to start fresh in online mode.

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If they want to play online.

And that’s the main reason why few people as me doesn’t play. Don’t have the heart to restart everything, which I think is normal btw.

But still, that update is taking ages, I understand their will to do it epic but the best is the ennemy to good enough.

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oh and… they are talking about end of the year to release it, they are saying this since June ?July ? or maybe before. And here we are, 2.5 month before the end and no date to see. We can have it tonight or maybe tomorrow or the 31st december at 23:59:59 it’s just lack of visibility which drives people nuts

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Really? Have to get through f***** awful grind of terrible loot and frustrating crafting all over again?

I guess this means the stash will be separate as well so no transferring of gear? Wow - how to really annoy players.

This basically means no point whatever in playing this at all until MP is out.

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As i said, you can continue to play your current characters offline if you dont like the grind.
For an online multiplayer environement it’s the best for the game that every player has to start fresh. There are people using files to manipulate your characters locally saved on your computer. With multiplayer release the characters will be saved on server side. So no more cheating (hopefully) and weird leaderboards.

Yes, no offline to online transfer.

Thats up to you

I see multiplayer release as a new season. I like to start fresh with a new ‘‘economy’’. So im looking forward to finally organize my stashes properly, play every mastery to lvl 100 again, find every unique and finally compete on leaderboards without cheaters.


Perhaps your perspective, motivations and opportunities as a streamer are very different to that of an average player. Restart + more grind = content. Economy = mass subscribe based free material support to rise up the leader boards etc :slight_smile:

For the rest - its loot hell, slow grind, and endless spam from scammers and gold farmers.

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Not sure you mean Last Epoch. Perhaps you are confusing your experience in other games and its clouding your judgement. The things you mention arent even relevant.

I am not a streamer, nor do I care about MP at all, but I am looking forward to restarting the game in 0.9 - its a major update code wise and its likely to be getting pretty close to release functionality thanks to the longer dev cycle that EHG has chosen.

This is beta and generally how things work. If its not how you like to play games then I would recommend you stay away from playing early access or beta games. You will live a happier life.

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don t forget that you are playing a BETA, not the game, the BETA

So you think the 100k+ people joining every new PoE league are all streamers??

Don’t make your own opinion a general statement. Many people like tho play seasoned content. As every season gives you an incentive to play a new build and stop the previous.

It’s a choice you can make. It’s up to you to start over new or stay with your current characters offline and play them till 2050.

Other beta games wipe the saves with every single patch. Here never was a wipe and will not be (so it is planned).

So what’s your problem again?

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That won’t happen in LE because it won’t have open trade.

/ducks back under the cover of the Trade threads…

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Huh? I know this game since 2 weeks since two weeks and I think it was 100% clear that this needs to happen. This is not real decision by the Devs but just the only way to do it. Right now people can cheat as they want so we need a wipe for the online game.
And like other people said this has to be expected in an early access game.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any choice. My SSD ate itself, and appdata was on C:\ (not with all the other redirects I had to my data drive). So, bye bye 80+ stash tabs, and 30ish lvl 90+ chars. Sigh. Guess I’ll just wait until MP release to start grinding all over again… when is that happening? 2027?

There’s no wipe planned as explained several times. Your current characters are offline, will stay offline and won’t be wiped.

Online and offline environments are separated. If you want to play online, you have to create a new character as soon as online play releases. Because you won’t have any characters.

You can still cheat in offline mode after that.

I don’t see an issue with that and hope this opens the door for modding at some point (I know that EHG is not planning any mod support currently).

Ok, I think I didn’t said it right, because I meant exactly that. With wipe I meant a fresh start in multiplayer which is the logical way. And I’m 100% with you that the offline files can be used for modding why not.
I just don’t understand why people are upset about this fresh start and think it’s the fault of the developers. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Seasons is not starting until the game is properly released, right`?

I’ve only played to experiment with some classes/builds and get a grasp of how the game works. I have like 80 hours and 3 characters. I heard MP was coming so didn’t invest a stupid amount of time trying to collect uniques/gear for all builds. Once MP drops I’ll be playing it with my friend.

As others have said Offline and Online play will be separate, it’s kind of a requirement. Online being stored online, and offline on your PC (susceptible to cheats/hacks). It doesn’t take that long to get to monoliths once you’ve done it before. The 0.9 patch should also include a lot of changes to the feel/sound of combat so should be somewhat a new experience.

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Nobody knows. I’d be a bit surprised if they did but the initial leagues are likely to be on the mechanically simpler side as the devs get more experience (like they were in PoE).