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Character stuck in loading screen

Hi there, I was afk for about and hour, when I came back I was stuck in a loading screen with my character, i’ve tried to relog my account now but its still stuck in the loading screen. Can u help me please, its possible for me to log on my other characters but not this one.

Im a spellblade level 24
Character name: Johnnymakermike

It’s stuck in not responding.

Regards Emil

To confirm, is the problem only with loading into this character or is there a problem loading into the game? Can you create a new character?

A log file from after you try to load this character and your system ifnformation would help a lot. Thanks!

I can make new charcaters and log on my other characters

I dont know how to make a log file but i will search for it laters

Im using windows 10 pro 64bit
Processor i3-6100 cpu @ 3.70GHz (4cpus)
8192MB RAM
directX 12

Im using two displays one for browser and one for the game

The problem is only for my one character called: Johnnymakermike
I can logon succesfully on all my other characters :slight_smile:

I’ve no idea how it got fixed but as I was creating the log file I was suddenly able to logon my characters “Johnnymakermike” again.

I’m glad its working again, if theres anything u need i’ll try to help

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