Character stuck in Channeling Flurry

When using Flurry as Channeled Ability, sometimes I get stuck - I keep channeling, not able to do anything. Sometimes only thing that frees me is using “Shift”. Seems like I am not the only one with this problem:

and sometimes flurry does just nothing. the char does the animation with his arms, but no damage nor visual effects of the attack (like the wave). I guess both problems are caused by using different skills quiet simultanously

Link to Video: flurry - YouTube

Hello and welcome to the forum. You are better of writing a bug report in the bug section :slight_smile: .

It’s a known bug with channeling skills. Typically it occurs when you tap your channeling skill without holding it down. For now the best way to get out of the animation lock is by either using another ability, such as umbral blades, or holding down the channeling button for a couple of seconds. It should cancel the animation lock and you can move on.

EHG are aware of the bug and will fix it eventually.