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Character stats

Been playing for the past month and have always wondered if the only way to gain character stat points (strength, intelligence, agility, attunement, vitality) is mainly via passive points/items (to a small degree).

As an example: Time Lilte - Adds 3 health per point, and adds 1 agility every 3 points.

Basically, will this be the only way to gain more of these points in character stats? I know some items have a few points in certain prefixes and suffixes (can’t remember which type had them), but either way there seems to be few ways to gain them.

I understand with your current description of each character stat that they are powerful (I mean 1 point in strength = 10% increased melee damage). However, I feel it’s odd that some of these for certain classes will ultimately (probably) remain at zero forever based on the current information we have in the game given to us at this point. I just find it a little bland in terms of most of those stats remaining zero (based class dynamics).

Also, this is sort of related, but will all classes (had to check even on my mage) only be able to gain mana based on items/passives? Was wondering if you would implement a certain amount when you level just like health.

I do love the game so far in terms of creativity with the skill specialization options and most of the passives for each class. Same with the crafting that I know you all are still working on. Just mainly had questions for the above topics.

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It is intended for things which give attributes to be rare. Item affixes used to give more, however the developers felt that it was too much.

Similarly it is also intended for things which give mana/mana regen to be rare so that casting skills has a consequence (most skills have no cooldown). Having mana gained per level could be a possibility, however it would have to be a really small amount (1 every 5 levels or so).

Understandable if they toned it down in terms of items based on the perks you get from them. Just seems odd that many of them will be 0 based on character classes. Don’t see how many characters will be able to focus on more than two out of the five.

I hope it’s something like that. I’d be fine with what you said. My Beastmaster character with 168 mana would constantly run out of mana even with all the mana-region nodes in the skill specialization. Mage and knight seemed to be fine mostly. Maybe even a mana-regen % every “x” levels.

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