Character Select enter game

Why not have double click character to enter game instead of click character and click on the enter game button.

At the end of the day. How much it block you from play the game ?

It doesnt thats why i made it a suggestion for smooth fluid entry into the game

For smooth fluid entry into the game is there Enter Game button :rofl:

No need to be butthurt because im making a suggestion

I think its good suggestion but that fact you need click on that button make you think about it and maybe in future it will be so annoying function you will remember that and you will think about how game was good.
“Oh do you rememember that game where you need to click to login into a game and was arpg in 2024 and still dont had binded enter or double click to log in ?” “Ye it was Last Epoch” …do you know what i mean even it sounds dumb ? some bad things can be good and at the end they dont block you from play a game

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