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Character screen and stat breakdown, a discussion on how to

Character stat screen (“C”)
I like the amount of information, but i would also like for the stats to be displayed separately instead of accumulated.

  • Current situation
    • 100% increased minion damage
    • 120% increased minion physical damage

What i understand is that i have both the 100% AND 120%, what i believe it means is that i have 100% AND 20% increased minion physical

  • Proposed change A
    • 100% increased minion damage
    • 20% increased minion physical damage

Then i would see the stats and know that i would have to add/multiply or whatever to get the correct number, but the key difference being that the stats wouldn’t appear accumulated

  • Proposed change B
    • 100% increased minion damage
    • 120% increased minion physical damage

Upon hovering the “120% increased minion physical damage” i would then get the following tooltip with a breakdown of the calculation and source.

  • 50%+50%+20%=120% increased minion physical damage
    • 50% increased minion damage (From gear A)
    • 50% increased minion damage (From passives)
    • 20% increased minion physical damage (From gear B)

Disclaimer, just one particular example of doing a stat breakdown and i might have done it wrong, but the general principal and idea is there

In terms of understanding a game, i would very much like option B and if EHG so chooses, i would love for this be done throughout the game, with all kind of stats, from skill displaying damage, to amount of summoned skeleton you can have. I believe a stat breakdown like this could greatly help new players understand how the game works and what difference “increased” versus “more” modifiers make of a difference.

This particular point about stat breakdown and understanding how the game works is one of my biggest gripes with PoE. It is incredibly hard to get into, in terms of understanding the game and the game has many times over been critiqued for not being friendly towards new players and i think perhaps Last Epoch could make use of that critique of PoE, to draw in the players that find PoE to complex, due to the lack of information and introduction.

I dont want Last Epoch to become as cookiecutter as D3, but i sincerely believe you can get a lot of those players who wish for the complexity of PoE, but don’t want to spend the hours reading wikis and forum post to simply understand the game.

the way I understand it is 100% minion dmg applies to ALL types of dmg minions do and phy dmg only applies to phy dmg attacks minions do.

We also don’t know what base value %dmg increases. Example if you do 20dmg a hit and add 100%dmg you then do 40dmg at hit…adding another 100%dmg might only add 20dmg more(total 60dmg a hit not 80dmg a hit) as it applies to base dmg not the already enhanced 40dmg.

I get this and this was also my thought.
I’m more commenting on how the numbers are shown.

For this part, i mentioned the difference between increased and more modifiers and with a stat breakdown, new players can better understand the differences.

I suspect the calculation looks something along the lines of:

(Base hit damage X Sum of increased damage multiplier) X Sum of more damage multiplier = Hit damage


(10 damage X (50% increased minion damage + 20% increased minion physical damage)) X 20% more minion damage = 20,4 minion physical damage hit


(10 damage X (50% increased minion damage)) X 20% more minion damage = 18 minion damage hit

Note the change of minion damage or minion physical damage.

That example disregards penetration, reduced resistance, “true damage” and the like.

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