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Character level reset after update

My character has been reset to level 8 after the new update and after I came back on the game after a month.

Welcome to the forums…

There has never been a character reset as part of an update to Last Epoch and its unlikely that there will ever be one for the standalone/single player version. LE doesnt have and cannot revert your characters to older “versions”.

All savegames etc are stored locally on your machine so if anything reverted the actual files to previous versions then you will experience progress loss. As the savegame is still accessible and not corrupted, then something must have happened to the file version on your system - either a backup/restore, reinstall or something else…

If you are using Steam with Cloud saves enabled (default), then its likely that Steam Cloud got out of sync - this happens if you use the same steam account on multiple machines and Steam messed up the primary/secondary sync locations or if Steam or a game didnt shutdown correctly during a sync or if Steam simply lost its marbles…

If it is steam causing the issue, then the only option you have is to login to Steam via a webbrowser and check the Remote Storage for previous versions of the save you are looking for and restore those…

If you have done a reinstall of your machine or changed Usernames/Login on Windows, then the savegames will be restored from Steam and not from whatever the latest version you had prior to this change…

There are also _temp versions of all savegames but these are overwritten / cycled with each successful save so its unlikely that this will help get back your progress.

All local files are in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games on Windows.

If none of the suggestions above work, then there is nothing anyone can do… EHG doesnt have access to any of your saves/characters…

Thank you so much you’ve really helped, do you know where I need to download the save file though?

Not sure what you mean to download the save file:

If you mean Steam, the link to the online Remote Store used to be Sign In (obviously you need to login)

And here with more info on Steam Cloud - Steam Support :: Steam Cloud

Just be careful with using Steam Cloud… remember it will keep trying to resync so you need to backup things and potentially pause / disable it for LE while you are trying to fix things manually.

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